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The time
has come when we must stand up and protect our most basic freedoms.  Each one of us, individually, must cast a vote for our individual freedom - not according to party loyalties - but instead, according to correct principles.

Our government has lost its way and has wandered far from the basic principles and values of the Constitution.  We live in a time and place where every aspect of our personal and business lives are encroached upon by an overextended, overindulgent government.  We must return to the basic principles of limited government, individual freedom and self-reliance.

These are values we hold dear and fight for in countries around the world.  We must continue to fight for these same freedoms in our own country.  It may be a battle of ideas and words - instead of guns and missiles - but a battle just the same.

It is critical that we each protect our most fundamental principles and values; individual freedom, self-reliance and Constitutional positions.  As an Independent I am free from obligations to political parties, special interest groups and favored lobbyists.  I am free to work every major debate from a position of principle and moral certitude without being burdened by the party line. 

As an Independent I seek common ground without compromising principles.  This approach to government will break down traditional party politics and grease the skids toward good government.  Government that is limited,  practical and adheres to the first line of that great constitutional document...

We the People...

My allegiance is to the principles and values found in the Constitution.